Frequently asked questions


What kind of Vendors can I sign up on your Wedding Bliss?
We allow all vendor categories to be found including Venue, Dress/Attire, Catering, Bands, DJ’s, Photographers/Videographers, Jewelers, Rentals, Cakes, Beauty Salons, Florists, Officiants Transportation, Invitations, Décor, Hotels, Soloists, etc.
Will my contact information be shared?
Yes, your contact information (phone/email/address) can be seen by couples signed up on Wedding Bliss. This information will NOT be shared with any other vendors or 3rd parties.
What are your plans?
A. Diamond Plan – this is a great way to get started with marketing your business on Wedding Bliss. You get a full profile with pictures and contact information as well as a section to show off your business. Couples will see all info and can find you in their Vendor Search.
B. Platinum Plan – if you’re serious about growing your business look no further. We give you everything in Diamond Plan and add a dashboard for you to track your return on investment, you get access to the couples looking to hire real time.
C. Full list of features is on the Vendor Home Page.
Can I change my subscription?
Absolutely! We want you to have the ability to change your plan at any time. If you’ve pre-paid for a year, use the “Contact Us” so we can ensure you get the right set of tools when you need them.
What happens if my payment is declined?
We are more than happy to work with you to understand the reason behind the declined status.
Can I be shown in multiple vendor categories (ie: Catering and Venue)?
Yes, you will need to be on the Platinum Plan to be able to post in multiple categories or even multiple locations outside the 200-mile radius.
How many leads can you guarantee?
Wedding Bliss does not own a crystal ball unfortunately. We only guarantee that if you are on our platform couples will find you. You do still have to sell yourself to those couples. Our Platinum Plan tools show you exactly how many couples are in our platform and how many you book. If at any time you have questions on how to increase that traffic your Vendor Manager can help.
How are you different from other options out there?
A. Each vendor on our platform pays the same for the features they receive. Our platform doesn’t allow vendors to pay more to be pushed to the top of the couple’s search. We know many vendors who can’t afford thousand a month on a single advertising site yet all the weddings they work are 5 stars. We want you to shine by being you, so we made it easy for couples to find you by a single click search. You decide which weddings to work based on availability and budget.
B. Our Data driven dashboard can show you exactly all the weddings you’re working from Wedding Bliss. This is very important to us because we want you to see the value, not just assume.