hi there!

Welcome to our little slice of heaven. Wedding Bliss is a Fargo, ND based, family-owned company that’s bringing fresh eyes to the Wedding Planning industry. There are many decisions that are made over months of planning a wedding. Joining Wedding Bliss simplifies the process, providing a less stressful experience for both couples and the vendors they work with.

How'd we get started?

Founding member, Rick Hamilton, was randomly asked by a friend’s son, “What does a best man do?” The obvious answer to that is “There’s got to be an App for That!” Quick research was done and low and behold, nope no app. That was the first spark that led to what you see today. We did half a year of research on the market, what’s out there today, can it be done better or differently, what are couples and vendors currently looking for, etc. A couple years of development later and Wedding Bliss can truly make planning a wedding blissful. Not only are we helping the Best Man be the best Best Man he can be we are changing how couples & vendors think about Wedding Planning in a current/post Covid world.


We are SO excited to keep adding new features. For Couples: track RSVP’s, seating charts with food choices, toast creations, planning side events like grooms’ dinner, bridal showers, etc. For Vendors: more data, payment through Wedding Bliss, contract uploads, and much much more. We’re just getting started. You should start your journey with us as well.

Rick Hamilton


Rick is our Chief Visionary Officer, the man behind the ideas.

Debbie Hamilton


Married to Rick she keeps him grounded, as well as our finances.

Jessica Molzahn


Daughter to Rick and Debbie, heading up Operations and Sales.

Darren Booker


Brought on as Technology Officer to make the magic happen.